Deboning a Rabbit

Deboning a Rabbit

Deboning a rabbit isn’t all that hard, just watch this video to learn how! Deboned rabbits can be stuffed, rolled, tied, and roasted.

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Tailgate trout

Tailgate Trout

Video – This tailgate trout was made using a cast iron pan, on a camp stove resting on the tailgate of my truck. Outdoor eating at it’s finest!

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open jar of dill pickles

How to Make Dill Pickles

Follow this how-to guide to make your own dill pickles from scratch. These pickled cucumbers are canned with the water bath method and are shelf stable.

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Hunting for morels

Hunting for Morels

Hunting for morels can be very fun and satisfying. Join the Intrepid Eater as he comes upon a nice haul of the delicious spring mushrooms!

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Spruce Salt
Foraged Foods

How to Make Spruce Salt

Spruce salt is made by harvesting young, tender spruce tips in the spring, blending them with coarse sea salt or kosher salt and letting it dry.

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